Useful links for riders

Below are a number of links to external resources that you may find helpful. Most are taken from the British Cycling (BC) website with which the club is affiliated

  1. BC video - how to ride in a group -

  2. BC video - communicating in a group or bunch -

  3. BC - advice for riding in your 20s & 30s -

  4. BC - advice for riding in your 40s -

  5. BC - advice for riding in your 50s and beyond -

  6. BC - 10 tips to improve your climbing -

  7. BC advice - common mistakes when riding a sportive -

  8. M Check - Bike safety check courtesy of Bike Radar

This content is provided as a courtesy by the club giving riders easy access to content that is already in the public domain. The club is not responsible for the content and it accepts no liability whatsoever for riders who chose to follow the advice in the videos and associated pages. Each rider has a personal responsibility for ensuring that they are adequately equipped and prepared for any bike ride, especially when joining a club ride or other group ride.