Pre-ride briefing

The below aims to ensure we have a consistent approach to briefing riders ahead of a ride that has a major emphasis on ride safety. With an experienced group, there may only be a need to go through the five key headline points while picking out one or two of the sub points. However, if the group has people relatively new to the club and/or group riding, it may be necessary to cover off all these points.

  1. Define the riding protocol - pace, distance, as a group etc

  2. Confirm everyone is happy they’re ready to ride, which means:

    1. Bike is in good working order and appropriate for the ride (including lights if necessary)

    2. They have appropriate clothing and hydration

    3. They know what is expected of them during a ride (if not point them at the clubs guidance on “Ride Etiquette” and “joining a ride”)

    4. They have emergency contact details on their person

    5. They understand the ride pace, length & terrain

    6. They understand their personal responsibility to themselves and the the group

  3. Reiterate key safety issues as required

    1. Pay attention to the road ahead

    2. Ride in 2s unless asked to do otherwise

    3. Call out hazards

    4. Don’t cross wheels

    5. No sudden breaking - call out “slowing” or “stopping”

    6. Do not wave cars past

    7. Give horses and pedestrians plenty of room and pass slowly

    8. Be courteous to other road users

    9. If more than 12 people split into smaller groups leave a 30m gap between groups

    10. Watch out for the wellbeing of those around you - let ride leader know if someone is struggling

    11. Follow the instruction of the ride leader(s)


  4. Identify if we have a first aider in the group

  5. Overview of the route including where we will stop