It is important to understand that the club run is not a training ride; it is a general fitness and social group ride. Riders are asked to familiarise themselves with the basic rules of the club run set out below.


  • The speed of the club run should be set at a pace that can be maintained by all riders, usually around a 15 mph average but can be slower depending on conditions and terrain.


  • If numbers allow and there are leaders available the run may go out in two groups to offer a faster ride of between 16 and 18 mph average.


  • It is important that the groups stay together throughout the ride.


  • On hills (up or down) the group should try to stay together, however it is accepted that this is difficult if riders have varied abilities. It is important that should the group get strung out it is down to the lead riders to slow the pace to bring it back together, the slower riders should not have to work extra hard to get back on.


  • The group should ride no more than two abreast and should single out on areas of road with solid white lines and narrow lanes to allow motorists room to pass safely.

Following these simple rules will ensure that the club run is enjoyable for all. New riders will be encouraged to return if the club run is friendly and well organised.

  • Riders should communicate throughout the group. Vehicles approaching the group should be identified as;

– “Car Back” – car approaching from the rear.

– “Car Up” – car approaching from the front.

– “Car Left / Right” – car approaching from either direction.


  • Hazards such as potholes or debris in the road should be pointed out and relayed from the front of the group to the back to allow every rider the opportunity to avoid them.


  • If there is a problem at the back of the group such as a puncture or a rider going off the back this must be relayed in a coherent way to the leader so the ride can be slowed or stopped if required.


  • Do not assume that the leader can hear a shout from the back of the group; it is extremely difficult to hear anything from a distance particularly in windy conditions. Don’t be shy, if you hear something shouted pass it on.


  • If any rider chooses to deviate from the route, chooses to ride faster or slower than the group then the ride leader must be informed.


  • If riders choose to splinter into faster groups then someone must take responsibility and not drop riders as they may be in unfamiliar territory and become lost.


The club meets at the council offices in Catmose Street, Oakham every Sunday at 9.00 for the traditional club run. The routes are approximately 50 or 35 miles long and include a café stop. There are also the The Cafe Ride for beginners and improvers at 10.00, and the longer The Cafe Plus for established riders at 9am, every Saturday from Oakham Cycle Centre. See the main Rides page for more details.