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Hi everyone.

Here is an update from your club Committee following our first meeting of the new group in February. I’ll keep it brief but if you want to know more, please ask one of the Committee.

The Committee has agreed to align ourselves around a central purpose, of ‘supporting cycling in the Rutland community’. We’ll work on making this a little more snappy but the basic vision should be clear from this. We’ve identified 8 key focus areas to help us achieve this purpose, these are:

1. Cycling for the initiated - covering all our regular organised social rides

2. Sport cycling - covering the chain gang, training rides, TT and other more competitive types of riding

3. Social activities - focussing on club social activities and away day adventures such as the Peaks ride

4. Community and diversity - focussed on engaging with the community and supporting appropriate community initiatives.

5. Rider safety - educating riders on safe riding in groups and reaffirming the club’s standards for our organised group rides.

6. Club communications - keeping the membership informed and involved

7. Club promotion - promoting the club in the Rutland area; seeking to draw in new members.

8. Club admin and governance - the day to day running of the club and administering memberships.

Each focus area will be led by one Committee member - we hope to confirm these roles in the next couple of weeks. However, we’ll need active support from members to help deliver much of this. Remember our Committee are all volunteers with busy lives. We all want the club to move forwards and to grow. So if anyone has a willingness to get involved and help make a difference, please approach one of the Committee members or simply email the Committee at

On top of this, the Committee are actively exploring a few specific areas. Please look out for updates on these and engage with them. These include:

1. We are planning to provide a first aid course for cyclists, which will be open to all members.

2. We’re exploring the opportunity to offer members the chance to pay for membership by recurring annual Direct Debit.

3. We’ll be updating our club rider guidance on the website.

4. We’re looking into issuing club ID cards (or similar virtual option) so that people have something to keep with them on rides - giving emergency contact details and if appropriate any relevant medical conditions.

5. As in previous years, the club’s regular ride leaders will be meeting shortly to schedule our ride calendar for the coming season - look out for the update on the website.

Our next committee meeting will be held in mid March, after which you can expect to get another update note from the committee. And finally, our official ride season starts again on 1 April, so we look forward to seeing more and more people out on their bikes soon. In the meantime, there is still time for some winter miles (for summer smiles) so look out for the unofficial rides posted by club members on Facebook.


The Committee

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