Update from the committee - March 2019

We recently held our second committee meeting and we wanted to share with you some of the key points from that meeting. I thinks it’s fair to say that the committee are really excited and up for the challenge we’ve set ourselves. However we will need support from club members if we want to achieve these.

  1. Each committee member has taken ownership for moving each focus area forward. So if you feel you can help with any of these please contact the focus area owner directly.

    1. Riding for the initiated - the regular club social rides (tbc)

    2. Sport cycling (Paul Slater)

    3. Club comms (Gill Booth)

    4. Rider Safety (Niall Cooter)

    5. Community & Diversity (David Smith)

    6. Social (Jonny Lloyd)

    7. Club Promotion (Simon Steele)

  2. We’ve agreed some dates for the diary over the next couple of months on top of our packed ride schedule (please see the ride calendar on the website www.veloclubrutland.co.uk/calendar)

    • 25 April at 18:30 - First aid training for all members

    • 18 May at 8:30 - a Cafe Plus 100 miler (destination TBA)

    • 25 May at 10:00 - Rutland walking cycling festival ride - a 25 mile ride for all abilities - non members welcomed and very much encouraged

    • 8 Jun at 13:00 - A summer social for the whole family as well as friends.

    • 15 June at 10:00 - RAFA Ride Rutland Sportive (charity ride)

  3. We continue to explore options for providing members access to buy club kit. But in the meantime there is still a fair amount of kit at OCC - please go along and take a look. If you don’t see what you need, then let us know.

  4. We are asking members to help in whatever way they feel able to. And there are many ways you can help.

    1. Leading rides

    2. Writing blogs/posts about your rides for the website/facebook

    3. Helping the committee to move forward with our Focus areas mentioned above

    4. Or you may even feel you would like to join the committee and help drive the club forward. There’s no experience required, no age limits (or thresholds) and best of all you don’t even need to be a strong rider! So do let us know if you are interested and able to devote around an hour a week to the cause

  5. Memberships are now due, so if you haven’t already done so, please visit the British Cycling website and pay your fees. And at just £15 for the year it woks at around 29p per week - bargain!

As always if you have any questions or want to discuss anything please feel free to contact me or one of the other committee members. It’s your club and your views matter to us.

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